Wood Rots Like We Do (2023)

Film, 71 minutes

A film about the ancient shrines of Ise, entirely rebuilt of wood every 20 years, and what they can teach us about regenerating forests today. The film is the outcome of a four year collaboration between Matthew and the city of Ise, Japan. Culminating in a film told through the stories of 14 participants including priests, politicians, artists, NGOs, activists, foresters, carpenters and architects.

Film available here: https://vimeo.com/861179753


Film by: Matthew Rosier
Videographer: Will Heynen
Organised and funded by: Ise City
Supported by: British Council
Local coordination support: Living Together Co. (Yoko Negami, Yuko Sato, Mami Katsuya, Akane Kanagawa)
Additional funding: DAIWA Foundation & Arts Council England
Tokyo / Nagano coordination support: Minami Hirayama
Japanese transcription: Minami Hirayama
Graphic design: Minami Hirayama
Sound design & composition: Greg White
Live translation: Keiko Yamaguchi, Kei Nakayama, Jaime Humphreys, Nanami Akimoto